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Our Brands

Here at Liberty we champion our hometown heroes – and that includes our hometown brands! 
Liberty Cannabis is the home to some of the industry’s best brands, include Garcia Hand Picked, Strane, Hellavated, Do Drops Edibles and Cannaceutica.

Carefully Curated by the Garcia Family

As a musician and artist, this is what Jerry Garcia was all about. His passion and creativity had the unique power to connect us all in a celebration of self-expression and positive vibes.

Garcia Hand Picked was grown in this very spirit. Every aspect has been carefully curated by the Garcia family to create an inspired cannabis experience that’s spontaneous, harmonious, and can bring people together the way only Jerry could.

Available in MD, MA and MI

This is Strane.

From Afghani to Zkittles, you’ll find your go-to Strane. Old favorites, new finds, premium genetics.  Strane is all about the genetics. That’s why we put extra care into picking each strain, and cultivating and processing it to make it worthy of your affection.

Strane LIVE makes good on the promise of its name. Live extracts become premium, terpene-forward products for those who know the difference.

Strane STASH is tasty, affordable flower. Dip into your piggy bank, fill your pipe (or vape, or paper) and spend what’s left on whatever makes you smile.

Available in MD, MA, MI and PA

Potent.  Tasty.  Hella Fun.

We think cannabis brands take themselves too seriously.  They care more about fitting in than standing out.  We’re not one of those brands.  Getting high is hella fun and that’s what we’re here for.  Our products are potent and flavorful because that’s what our people want.

It’s pretty simple.

Hella good products. Hella good times.

Available in MD, MA and MI

It’s Wild to be Mild!

Many of us automatically think of edibles as potent and unpredictable.  That’s why *it’s wild to be mild.*

With Do Drops, low-dose can mean high reward!

At just 2.5mg per piece, DO Drops are the low-dose alternative customers have been waiting for — or didn’t know they needed.

Available in MD and MA.

Cannabis with Evidence.

Cannabis has been used for thousands (yes, thousands) of years. Despite all the ancient and emerging evidence, there aren’t clear guidelines on what to take, or how much to take.

That’s where CANNACEUTICA comes in. CANNACEUTICA is a lab-tested formulation of broad-spectrum cannabis oil in a capsule. Every bottle comes with an Easy Dose Chart that makes it easy for you to find the dose that’s right for you.

It’s cannabis with evidence.

Available in MD and MA.

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