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DO Drops

These edibles are for anyone who wants to DO better and feel better—happier, more energized, more relaxed, more focused. They’re for entrepreneurs who’d like a flash of creativity, power moms who could use a little relief or anyone who wants to smooth out those first-date jitters.

DO Drops come in a range of flavors and formulations, so you can DO you and find the right match or mix it up depending on your mood.

DO Drops Gummies
Aura-Enhancing Effects. Transcendent Flavors. Balanced Cannabinoid Ratios.

DO Drops gummies are your low-sugar, low-calorie way of getting consistent dosing and aura-enhancing effects, backed by transcendent flavors and balanced cannabinoid ratios.

Whether you’re in the boardroom or the bedroom, the gym or the club, or just out and about, DO Drops gummies give you a boost of energy, dose of chill, or tasty lullaby. Choose your own adventure!

Do Drops Gummies for Focus Package

Find Your Focus

Tap into profound awareness with this engaging blend of CBD/THC/THCV. Follow the juicy flavor of watermelon to reach a singular path toward mental clarity.

Tap Into Some Energy

This bursting blend of CBD/CBG/THC will ignite your inner spark while invigorating your body and mind. Allow the bright and sunny lemon flavor to help you flow effortlessly through the day.
Do Drops Gummies for Energy Package
Do Drops Gummies for Sleep Package

Get Some Sleep

When you need a sanctuary of slumber, let this ethereal blend of CBN and THC unlock your deepest state of restfulness. Sweet dreams will find you with our trance-inducing Slumberberry flavor.

Feel the Relief

You’ll feel the threads of tension unwind as you enter a world of comfort. Enjoy the melodic interplay between pineapple and ginger flavors combined with a harmonious ratio of CBG and THC.
Do Drops Gummies for Relief Package
Do Drops Gummies for Relaxation Package

You Deserve to Relax

Let a tranquil elixir of CBD and THC help you sink into serenity. The sublime flavors of peach will inspire a deep calm to unfurl within you.

Keep Things Mild

When equilibrium is what you seek, achieve it with this mellow concoction of CBD and THC. The refreshing flavor of melon brings into a place of mindful attunement.
Do Drops Mild Gummies Package
Do Drops Pride Gummies Package

Celebrate With Pride

Celebrate all colors of the rainbow and support the Transgender Law Center with the sweet flavor of starfruit and a sprinkling of stardust.

Find DO Drops Edibles at Liberty

If you want to get into your feels, pick up a pack of DO Drops today. Visit any of the Liberty Cannabis dispensaries in Maryland or Massachusetts and ask your friendly budtender, or select your state below to get started.





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