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We're driven by our passion for cannabis and our commitment to the values that keep us growing in the right direction.

It's just better with cannabis

From Blueberry Skunk to Candy Apple, we want you to explore every wonderous strain nature has given us. That's why our cannabis is hand-picked to give you your desired effect.

Isolated Bud

How we grow responsibly

When nature gives you cannabis, you roll with it. At Liberty, we believe that cannabis can cultivate better health, prosperity, and communities. For us, responsible growth starts with integrity and diversity.

When you choose Liberty, you're supporting a company nurtured by a responsible and progressive leader in cannabis: Holistic Industries. So you can feel good, not just because our cannabis brands free your mind but because they're also putting in the work.

Liberty Cannabis Cares

Liberty Cannabis Cares is the corporate social responsibility promise of Holistic Industries. From Day 1, we were on a mission-inspired by the stories and struggles of individuals, families, and communities across the country. In every state we operate in, in every neighborhood we're lucky to be a part of, we think beyond the business of cannabis and work toward positive social change.

Liberty Cannabis StaffLiberty Cannabis Staff

We're here to be your bud

How do you take your cannabis? We're here to help. But take your time. There's no rush. Life's about the journey, not the destination. Individualized conversations and exceptional experiences. It's the Liberty way.

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Liberty Rewards and Isolated BudLiberty Rewards and Isolated Bud

Liberty Rewards

Whether you're a new or an existing Liberty lover, Liberty is better because of patients like you. Life is better with $1 eighths-among other benefits of Liberty Rewards.


Where are you trying to shop?

Enter a zip code to find the nearest Liberty location