This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for cannabis (but that’s every day for us). If you are, too, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this this magical plant into your annual gathering of friends and family. Cannabis may enhance your traditional Thanksgiving activities, relieve stress (it happens), or spark some engaging dinner table conversations. And, of course, help you build up an appetite.

If you’d like to add an extra special ingredient to this year’s holiday table, here are some ideas to get you started, from cannabis infused dishes to strains for all your traditional activities outside of the dinner itself.


If you’re new to cooking with cannabis, our helpful beginner’s guide has plenty of tips and tricks, from preparing cannabis to calculating dosages of your infusions. Either way, here are some suggestions for easy-to-make cannabis Thanksgiving classics to get you started.

Pro tip: remember to always mix in your infusions evenly, keep the temperature below 350℉, and label which dishes have that “extra” holiday spirit. Also, err on the side of less potency (about 5-10mg of THC per serving, depending on the crowd). If anyone wants more, they can always come back for seconds.

Mashed Potatoes:
Boil and mash your potatoes as usual, stir in your melted cannabutter, then keep stirring so that your cannabutter is evenly distributed. Add in some fresh herbs like Rosemary to offset any weedy aftertaste.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese:
Another classic starchy side, infused Mac ‘n Cheese can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. Whether you’re making it on the stovetop or baking it, add your cannabutter into the cheesy sauce, mix it well, and keep the heat low.

Green Beans:
Boiled or sauteed, green beans add some color and some much-needed veggies to the Thanksgiving table. Once they’re cooked, drizzle some infused oil over them, then toss them to evenly coat. Add salt, pepper, and a strong flavor like garlic or carmelized onions to help mask the taste of herb.

Rather than cooking up an infused side, this gravy adds as much THC as you’d like to whatever’s on your plate, from turkey to stuffing to veggies. Stir in some melted cannabutter with your turkey stock, flour, caramelized onions, rosemary, and sage to make that gravy extra popular.

Pumpkin Pie:
As welcome on a Thanksgiving table as the turkey itself. Combine a can of pumpkin pie filling, cinnamon, nutmeg, eggs, and condensed milk with some cannabutter, then mix it thoroughly with an egg beater. Pour the mixture into a pie crust and bake at 350℉ for 50 minutes.

Best Strains For Thanksgiving Activities

Of course, Thanksgiving’s about more than just the food! It’s a time to gather with friends and family to play games, watch sports, enjoy the weather, and catch up. We’ve put together some suggestions inspired by Strane’s line of flower, vape cartridges, and concentrates to enhance your go-to Thanksgiving traditions.

Playing Sports - Jack Frost
Whether you’re playing a lazy round of catch or some competitive touch football, Jack Frost is your pre-game secret. This energizing strain will keep your head on a swivel and your eye on the ball, while still being uplifting enough to remind you it’s all in good fun.

Board Games - Dragonfly
When your gathering’s competition of choice revolves around a table top game, a strain like Dragonfly is your secret ally. This restful indica’s cerebral effects will keep you calm, cool, and collected so that you can plan, strategize, and eventually triumph.

Pre-meal Walk - Blue Dream
Blue Dream makes an excellent companion for a stroll around the block or a walk in the park, whether you’re with friends or need some alone time (it happens.) This dreamy favorite can give those autumn leaves some extra pop, your conversation some extra sparkle, or your quiet time some extra chill.

Thanksgiving Meal - Gelato
Gelato is one treat that you don’t want to save for dessert. This popular, social strain’s gooey body high will help settle you into your seat. Meanwhile, it’s mental effects will keep conversations light and happy no matter what strongly opposing viewpoint your relatives may have. As a bonus, expect a big appetite once the meal is served.

Watching Sports - Sunset Sherbet
With Sunset Sherbet, you’ll feel a full-body comfort whether you’re sunk into the couch or on the edge of your seat. This strain’s upbeat effects will have you cheering on every close play and leave you with a carefree attitude no matter the final score (or unfairness of the refs.)

Post-Meal Wind Down - Mac n Cheese
Save some Mac n Cheese for that post-meal wind-down. You’ll feel as baked as pumpkin pie, but with enough energy to help with the dishes if anyone asks.

We hope our suggestions for incorporating cannabis into your Thanksgiving celebration make for a fun and stress-free holiday – which is sure to be a little different again this year. If you’re curious about other cannabis strains, edible options, or other products to make your Thanksgiving even better, feel free to ask our friendly Wellness Guides.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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