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Tailor Your Treatment: The Benefits of Tinctures and Capsules

For a more measured dosage, consider these cannabis formats

Looking to move beyond smoking? Excellent choice. Orally ingesting cannabis is a great option, with several delivery methods: eating a cannabis gummy, swallowing a capsule, or placing a tincture under the tongue.

But to make sure you have a great experience, you should know first that these can produce very different effects than smoking.

Why? First of all, as with all biological and medical phenomena: every person is different. People metabolize cannabis differently depending on their size and many other factors.

Here's how it works:

When people smoke or vape cannabis, the activated cannabis compounds are absorbed by the lungs and rapidly enter the bloodstream, leading to intoxicating effects almost immediately. But when cannabis is swallowed, taken sublingually (under the tongue), or via buccal administration (in the cheek), it’s absorbed by the body depending on an individual’s size, body mass, and other factors. This can produce a delayed effect as well as varying degrees of intensity.

With that in mind, it’s best to proceed with the maxim that “less is more,” gradually increasing the dose only if therapeutic benefits haven’t been reached after sufficient time has passed (approximately 2 hours in most cases).

Because tinctures and capsules are concentrated, new cannabis patients usually need only a 2.5 mg tincture or capsule as a starting dose to achieve therapeutic benefit. To experience a similar effect, many experienced patients usually titrate to an average dose of only 10 mg.

One of the other benefits of oral therapies is how you can customize cannabinoid and terpene formulations. There are a number of different terpenes, with tremendous therapeutic potential. Research shows that the unique combination, ratio, and density of a cannabis strain’s psychoactive and aromatic compounds can create profoundly different effects in people.

With this in mind, Liberty has created a proprietary line of tinctures and capsules specifically formulated to help each patient accomplish their therapeutic goals. Similar to distillate oil extract blends, Liberty tincture and capsule formulations are expertly crafted to help patients achieve a specific feeling indicated by the different Liberty Wings: Vitality, Clarity, Harmony, Tranquility, Serenity.


Come visit your local Liberty dispensary and one of our Wellness Guides will help you find a therapy best designed for your needs.