Kicking COVID to the curb

Responding to a crisis with care

It was perfect, in a way, that this year’s 420 holiday fell roughly one month into a global pandemic. The festivities were supposed to be massive this year, with April of 2020 symbolizing a month-long celebration. We did NOT get what we expected: music festivals, street fairs, in-store promotions and events. We DID get what we needed: a powerful reminder of the healing power of cannabis, and the culture of care that surrounds it. That’s what the spirit of the holiday was always about. We’ve been more inspired and committed than ever.

Responding in Real Time

As the nation continues to prioritize containing the spread of COVID-19, patient safety and well-being remains our top priority. Because some states have deemed medical cannabis dispensaries “essential” businesses, we’ve been able to remain open. Each Liberty Cannabis dispensary – in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan and California – has implemented procedures that allow for uninterrupted access to medical cannabis flower, concentrates and other products. On a state-by-state basis, some aspects of our response include:

REMAINING OPEN – keeping normal business hours, or close, 7 days a week, in every location

ONLINE ORDERING – updates to our live, online menus to facilitate efficient and contactless transactions

CURBSIDE PICKUP – in select states, introducing this option to maintain social distancing

TEXT ALERT SYSTEM – for all of the above, creating a messaging system to guide patients through the process

 Emphasizing Patient Education

Building on Liberty’s longstanding commitment to patient access and education, we produced our first-ever townhall at the end of April. Entitled, “LIFE WITH CANNABIS: A Doctor, A Rabbi, And Getting Your Medical Cannabis Card,” it was an opportunity for current and potential patients to have a virtual conversation with two industry experts (and mensches): CED Clinic's Dr. Ben Caplan with Liberty’s Director of Outreach, Rabbi James Kahn. By all accounts, the town hall was useful to those who attended and promising as a series for other states. Some of the many topics addressed in the live Q&A included:

- The stigma of cannabis for some new patients

- Alternatives to smoking (i.e. vaping, tinctures, etc.)

- The concept of titration, or “start low, go slow”

- Interactions between current medications and cannabis products

- What to expect from the cannabis dispensary experience

- How to get a medical cannabis card in Massachusetts

We expect to roll out more virtual town halls, potentially in Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California.

Serving Our Communities

Since the founding of Liberty Cannabis, we’ve always been committed to connecting with and contributing to the communities we serve. Much of that work is done through a team we call Liberty Cannabis Cares. Since the start of this crisis, we’ve used all of the resources at our disposal - financial, technical, human - to fill urgent needs. These efforts are ongoing. To date we’ve distributed more than 6,500 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and produced over 100 gallons of hand sanitizer in our labs.

Thanking Our Staff

The real heroes of Liberty’s response to the COVID-19 crisis are our staff. While we’ve made sure to protect all Liberty Cannabis workers with the best possible PPE, gloves, hand sanitizer and more, they are the ones taking the risks and doing the work. In each state, the teams in our cultivation centers, labs and dispensaries, continue to go above and beyond. They’re knowledgeable, passionate and, most of all, committed to putting patients first. We can’t thank them enough and ask you to do the same.

In addition to the updates above, we’ll continue to stay in touch by email and provide useful content through our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your local dispensary with any questions or concerns.

With love,

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