‘Tis the season of giving. With Hanukkah coming early this year, and Christmas right around the corner, you may be wondering what to get the cannabis lovers in your life. While Liberty dispensaries have plenty of products to inspire holiday cheer (or deal with holiday stress), we also stock many cannabis accessories perfect for the flower fans on your list. We’ve put together a gift guide of cannabis accessories that’ll help lift some Christmas spirits or get lit up next to the menorah candles (there’s a reason we chose eight).

  1. Skunk Brand Lockable Smell-Proof Storage Bag

    If you’re buying quality cannabis, the potent aroma of those terpene-rich trichomes will let you know. But you may not want anyone else to know (you know?). That’s why a Skunk Brand bag makes a great gift for the flower fan in your life. An activated-carbon lining keeps even the skunkiest smells from escaping, while a combination lock zipper keeps any prying eyes (or hands) away from your stash. The Skunk bag also boasts multiple pockets and dividers for storing all your strains and supplies.

  2. Yocan Dry Herb Vaporizor

    Know someone curious about dry herb vaping? The Yocan Dry Herb vaporizer is a high-quality, low-cost entry point. This cannabis accessory lets you enjoy the full effects of fresh flower without the smell, smoke, or the waste. You also have more control over dosages and heat settings. Only 5 inches long, the Yocan’s dual pancake coil technology ensures even heat distribution across your flower. It’s a sleek, discrete, functional, and practical introduction to the benefits of dry-herb vaping.

  3. Nectar Collector Kit with Titanium Straw

    For the dab fan on-the-go, this Nectar Collector Kit lets them know that you only want the best concentrate experience for them. The kit includes a durable titanium straw for fast, even heating and a quartz tip for pure flavor. Also included is a collection bowl for your dabs, a bubbler for taking a smoother hit, and silicone stands for letting your straw cool in between uses.

  4. High Mountain Smoke Buddy

    Not everyone wants to have to step outside to enjoy their favorite plant (especially in the winter). On the other hand, not everyone inside wants to smell it. Enter the Smoke Buddy. Exhale that lungful of cannabis smoke into the Smoke Buddy, and this palm-sized device will keep your secret session safe. It’s a great gift for any flower fan who likes to step away to partake, but not too far away.

  5. Aerospaced Grinder

    Everyone needs a quality grinder. Properly ground flower lets you enjoy the full flavor and effects of that bowl, bong, joint, or dry herb vape. If you know someone who’s still picking their buds apart by hand, the Aerospaced Grinder lets them know that you feel they deserve better. This 4-piece grinder is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with diamond-shaped teeth that shred flower to a fine, even consistency, with a pollen catcher for topping your bowls or joints with kief.

  6. Boveda Terpene Shield Moisture Pack

    A great gift for anyone who buys a lot of flower, or goes through it extra slowly. As cannabis ages, it loses potency and flavor as terpene-rich trichomes dehydrate and fall off. Boveda moisture packs keep your flower fresh until you’re ready to use it. Drop one into your storage jars and it will both restore and maintain the precise humidity of up to a pound of cannabis. This is a great stocking stuffer or first night gift for anyone who likes their flower fresh and potent. So, everyone.

  7. Puffco Hot Knife

    If you know someone who love dabs, but not cleaning up afterwards, this product’s for them. The Puffco Hot Knife makes loading concentrates simple, clean, and effective. No more wiping down dab tools and no more scrubbing sticky residue off clothes or table tops. Simply hold down the button for three seconds and your melted concentrate drops from the Hot Knife’s ceramic tip directly onto the nail. A full charge off the USB-C port lasts at least 50 uses.

  8. Liberty Flat Brim Hat

    If you know someone who’s a fan of our dispensaries (and we hope you all are), they can show their support with one of our flat brim hats. These 5-panel flat brims come in the classic Yupoong design with the Liberty wings embroidered on the front.

The next time you pop into one of our Liberty Cannabis dispensaries, take a look around (or ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable Wellness Guides). Besides our fully stocked menus of quality flower, concentrates, edibles, and more, you may be able to cross at least one name off your shopping list.

Happy Holidays!

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