Liberty wallete features list.

At Liberty, we believe that life is better with cannabis, and cannabis is better with rewards. That’s why we’re offering our customers the new Liberty Wallet app. With Liberty Wallet, you’ll get automatic money back with every purchase, cashless payments, live store menus, and more!

Sounds great! How do I get started?

It’s easy! Just download the Liberty Wallet app from the app store, then follow the prompts to enter your email address, nearest dispensary, and link to your bank account. Once your account’s all set up, you can purchase Liberty Credit and start making quick, easy, cashless purchases with the tap of a finger.

Do I have to link to my bank account to use the app?

Nope! As long as you’ve downloaded the Liberty Wallet app, you will still earn Purchase Rewards and Perks every time you shop at our dispensaries.

What are Purchase Rewards?

Purchase Rewards are like getting cash back every time you buy. The more you spend, the more free credits you earn.

When you buy up to $49 worth of products at a Liberty dispensary, 1% of that total purchase goes right back into your credit balance. Spend $50 to $149 on your next visit and get 5% back, or add a couple more items to boost your purchase rewards to 10%.

And they go up from there, all the way to a whopping 25% of your purchase coming right back into your Liberty Credit balance!

You can find your total Purchase Rewards on the activity screen, as well as your shopping history and Liberty Credit balance.

How do I redeem my Purchase Rewards?

Just tap over to the Browse screen to see available inventory, and start shopping on our website. When your cart’s full and an order is placed, head to the Home or Activity screen. Tap the “Redeem” button, then enter in the number of credits you’d like to use toward your purchase at the store.

What are Perks?

Perks are our extra way of saying thank you for choosing Liberty. Besides getting free Liberty Credits every time you visit our dispensaries, all your purchases over the past month go towards earning one of three special offers.

Spend $250 or more in a month and you’ll earn a Tier 1 Perk to redeem the next month. Buy $500 or more in products and you’re bumped up to Tier 2, while $750 and over gets you to Tier 3, the most valuable offer of that month.

You can track your monthly Perk progress on the Home screen beneath your total Liberty Credit balance.

Each of our dispensaries offers their own special Perks, with new ones being offered every month. Visit your local Liberty dispensary for details.

How do I redeem my Perks?

When you’ve earned Perks, we’ll automatically send you a special QR code. Show the QR to your Wellness Guide to redeem at your next Liberty dispensary visit.

You can only receive one Perk per month based on the previous month’s spend and all Perks expire on the 4th of each month - so hurry back before they disappear!

I just made a purchase but don’t see my rewards in the app yet. When do my rewards show up?

It can take up to 24 hours or more for your most recent purchase to go through our system, but don’t worry! They’re on their way. We promise.

What if I have other questions about Liberty Wallet?

If you can’t find answers to your questions on our FAQ page, just ask one of our friendly Wellness Guides the next time you visit a Liberty dispensary. They’re always happy to help you with the Liberty Wallet app, our wide assortment of products, and any other questions you have about cannabis.

Life is better with cannabis, and cannabis is better with Liberty Wallet.

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